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As a trusted, family-owned bedding company based in Southern California, we've expanded our reach beyond providing premium bed sheets. For over 14 years, we've actively participated in events and fundraisers throughout the state, supporting causes that matter. By partnering with us for your fundraising needs, you're not only offering our luxurious, breathable bed sheets to your supporters but also joining hands with a company dedicated to making a positive impact. Let's work together to raise funds and spread comfort across California!

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Upcoming Fundraisers

Partner With Us

Interested in partnering with us for your next fundraiser? The Sheet Guys help support many charities by selling our products at fundraisers all over Southern California.  When we do this, we give back a requested percentage of our sales to their foundation.  Over the years we've been happy to work with schools, churches, temples, hospitals and several other organizations.  Most of these fundraisers are boutiques and The Sheet Guys are one of many hand selected vendors invited to sell products at these functions.  Often these events are inside fancy hotel ballrooms, private home parties, inside temples, churches, even boats and other places.

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