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  • What material are your 1800 Collection classic colors made from?
    Our classic collection bed sheets are made from a blend of microfiber and natural, breathable fibers. This double brushed comfort is antimicrobial, resists pilling, and they get softer as they are washed.
  • Explain thread count and our sheets?
    Our bed sheets are blended with fibers; therefore, the thread count does not apply as that is based on pure cotton sheets. However, the feel of our product compares to an 1800 thread count of cotton sheets.
  • What is the difference between our sheets to others?
    Our bed sheets are blended with natural and breathable fibers not with polyester like most out in the marketplace.
  • How deep do your sheets go? I have a very thick mattress and have a very hard time getting sheets to stay put on my bed.
    Most of our bed sheets can go to 16-18” in depth, but some of them can achieve over 20” in depth. We also have secure corners in some of the collections, that provide an additional strap at the corners to keep them secure.
  • What is the difference between King and California King?
    A California King mattress is shorter in the width and longer from top to bottom of the mattress. This is to accommodate people that are taller than 6 feet more comfortably. The regular king is almost as wide as it is in length.
  • I suffer from menopause will these sheets help me with my hot flashes?
    Since the fabric is blended with a natural and breathable source, they help to cool in the summer and warm in the warm in the winter.
    We provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee even if you have washed and slept on our bed sheets. Simply return the item with your receipt of purchase, within 90 days of the date on your receipt.
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